About Us

About us

Just so you know the reason for explaining the following thoughts, is only with the purpose of sharing our mission and philosophy, it is not with any intention of gaining any credibility for our business at all! Our excellent reputation as a company has only been built on the performance of our work, the quality of our product, the excellence of our service, the integrity that we do business with, and the respond of many satisfied customers.


Genesis Glass Installations is a family owned and operated company, located at the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains foothills and servicing the entire Southern California area. 
With more than ten years of experience in our history, we have earned our reputation through the thousands of satisfied customers. Just like almost every business, we used to install shower doors for another shower door company, until we decided to open our own business, and to do this… for life. We started out installing shower doors and mirrors, and rapidly growing from field to field, and then followed the glass railing systems as well as the storefront commercial industry. Recently we’ve implemented the fabrication of painted glass for kitchens and backsplashes into our line of products and services. Throughout all these years of learning and the experience that we have acquired, we are capable to provide excellence and quality with any type of installation in the glass industry. We understand your expectations in this type of projects. We know that you expect quality, elegance, lasting workmanship, altogether for the best affordable price, that’s why we continuously educate ourselves with new products updates, new glass machinery improvements, etc.; to better perform our work. Our experienced sales associates will easily guide you into making the right choice for your glass selection, materials and the appropriate application for your glass project. They are professionally trained and equipped to do so; they were trained by the best learning method, the “hands-on” method; they used to be installers before they became salesmen.

Our goal is to accomplish your complete satisfaction. From the sales staff to our installation crew, we believe that our customers ARE our business, because we will make sure you come back or refer us to someone you know. Whether you are a homeowner who needs a small tub shower door or a general contractor with a multi-suite or commercial project we are here to help you. When you need a shower door or any kind of glass work, on either residential or commercial sectors please don’t hesitate to contact us and give us an opportunity to show you how well we are regarding the glass work.

With dignity and integrity we can truly say Genesis Glass Installations is

“Quality and Service you can clearly see”.


It was back in the summer of 2005 when the idea about Genesis Glass was born. Driving back home from finishing up an installation in Anaheim, CA., both: Jose and Salvador Virrueta (brothers) were having a conversation about the idea of becoming entrepreneurs and own a glass business, where we could launch our own ideas and projects, perform operations using our own principles and values. Right there the mission of our lives was born at that exact same moment.

We are a Christian family, and as followers of Jesus Christ, we keep seeking ways to serve the Lord. We thought about the idea of a strong profitable business, where we could use its ten percent of the profit and dedicate it to a Christian ministry or organization. That’s where our next brother Martin came into play. He always had the passion of being a missioner and evangelist. He attended a Bible college in Tijuana Mexico and graduated in 2009. Unfortunately he passed away in April of 2013. He left behind a complete legacy of a strong faith in the Lord; anyone who knew him can tell you of his sincerity to help people and how he lived with passion for God. Now his son (14) and wife are faithfully following his steps, continuing the lifestyle for Jesus, they are both attending and teaching at ITAIC Bible College at our local Church Christian Fellowship San Bernardino and preparing for the task ahead that my brother entrusted them to do. So our focus of contribution continues, my brother may not be physically around but his son has a tremendous potential and a dedicated heart at his young age that we believe he will soon embrace his calling and Genesis Glass will be there to support him. Then the next two brothers came in, Luis and Pablo. All five brothers agreed to the same idea of the ten percent of our profit being donated to Martin’s ministry (now Martin Jr.) and allow God to direct us wherever He wants to lead.

All five of us form part of Genesis Glass’ reason and purpose, not only installing glass and making some money, but the very reason of pleasing God in every way we can with our company. What a better way to do that than using the very profession we do best, for the Lord.

Of course all this wouldn’t be possible if God Himself wasn’t inside our heart in our lives and at the epicenter of everything we do. Without Him being the foundation of our principles, none of this would prevail and it wouldn’t be what it is now, a well-respected and solid company.

Lastly but not least, the choice our name; we wanted a kind business that would stand out from the others. A company that would have different ideals and different philosophy, and because the company had, has and will always have its foundations based on The Alfa and the Omega, the beginning and the end; and God is the beginning of everything (which is the meaning of our name), we thought that even our name should be relevant to the world and should express part of our belief. When God created the world, He thought it was good, when we created Genesis Glass, we brought it to the Lord and He confirmed to us it was good. And that’s why; with our company we honor our beautiful and loving God, the beautiful God of the Bible. After all, we believe that every task/project/job should be performed as if we were doing it for God himself. This is our philosophy.

All of us at Genesis Glass would like to thank you for allowing us to share our ideals with you; and would like you to consider our company be part of your next project, at any stage of it, from the planning process to the completion of it.

Once again we thank you!

To God be the all Glory, always!
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