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With the personal experience from the previous years prior to our opening and the fast growing glazing education that we've acquired, we are capable of offering you, a complete and excellent quality work and customer service, since the very day that we opened our doors. Why? Because as a family business we realize the importance of unity and commitment to anything we do; as that old and always-relevant truth says: "Whatever you sow, that shall you also reap". That is why we are committed to provide the kind of service that will make you come back and refer our company with someone you know.
We want to thank you for visiting this website that we've prepared for you!
We invite you to take advantage of the information and ideas that we provide. From a typical bath tub shower bi-pass door to an elegant custom steam shower enclosure in your master bathroom, or perhaps a glass railing system to enhance the view of your home, or any kind of glass-related project that you have in mind. Sincerely, we hope that you find helpful resources that can expand your ideas in designing your projects and perhaps answer many of your questions. Our top quality products and a list of services provided can be viewed at our San Bernardino showroom location or here in our website.
We understand the concept of glass installation and the importance of security and protection for our team as well as all parties we come in contact with. We are also aware that the handling and installation of glass is a high precision and protection demanding task, that is why we are fully licensed and insured.

Once again welcome, and donít hesitate to contact us with your questions, or to request an estimate!
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Since 2005, Genesis Glass has been dedicated to the installation of almost any kind of glass-work related job ... !!!
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